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the abyss of the Internet

Year by year, online shopping was gaining in importance, attracting more and more skeptical consumers. The real revolution, however, was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which almost completely made our lives online.

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    Now, when the competition on the market is extremely strong, your business needs stronger arguments than ever to convince your customers. Today, a good product that "defends itself" is no longer enough. Today, really a good product needs equally good supportthat will provide him with adequate exposure on the Internet and its increasingly advanced platforms.

    Remember, your competition is awake and certainly does everything to overtake you, gaining not only potential customers, but most of all building awareness of your brand and trust in it among various communities. What's more, today the website serves not only as a showcase or sales platform, but also is the basis for verifying credibility for a significant part of consumers. What does it mean? More or less, the lack of a website or a low-quality website, no profile in social media or no mention of the company in search engines is today - at least - suspicious.

    Why is it worth it?

    Building your company's website is one of the most important activities that you should do, regardless of whether you are just starting a business or have an established position in the market. Why is it so important? And what does… a helicopter have to do with all this?

    Why is it worth it?


    You gain RELIABILITY

    You are not on the Internet, you do not exist - this is a principle that, contrary to appearances, is not the slogan of "today's youth", but has become a real indicator among today's consumers, including those who until recently used traditional methods of searching for information. It is thanks to the website that your clients have almost immediate access to the offer, portfolio, recommendations or information about your company's seat, as well as its working hours, telephone or e-mail address. Today, the lack of a website on the Internet is associated with unreliable companies that can deceive us and disappear overnight, or with whom contact is limited, inconvenient and difficult. Customers don't like it.

    Because SPEED is what counts

    Let us illustrate what the online purchasing process looks like on a "living organism".

    "No website? Ok, maybe they are just starting out, good that there is, at least a Facebook page. What is this company actually called? Was there a hyphen or a space in the name? Ok, I have. Last post 2 months ago ... Does it mean that the company has already closed? No e-mail, only a phone call, but it's 9:00 PM, no one will answer for sure. Are they really legal? Are there any rules? ”.

    Do you already know what the person in this story did? First of all, your company has lost in the eyes of a potential customer, secondly, the user was irritated by the long path of searching for information, and thirdly - and most importantly - he moved to the competition, and he will most likely not come back to you.


    What better way to familiarize the client with what you offer than on a website? At a time when only 26 million users use the Internet in Poland, it is there that we first look for the most up-to-date offer of products and services, news and promotions. Having your own website, you can also give the user something more - access to special discounts and rebates, knowledge base, e-books. Everything that will keep him from your offer and thanks to which you will establish a relationship with him. In addition, your website gives you the opportunity to immediately view your portfolio, so you do not waste time presenting your experience or documenting cooperation to everyone who is interested.

    Be AVAILABLE 24/7

    We can use the website anywhere in the world and at any time, as long as there is Internet access there. Thanks to a well-created website and appropriate positioning, you have a chance to reach a much wider audience - from Kujawy to the Faroe Islands. What's more, unlike a stationary location, the website works for you around the clock, even when you are asleep! In this way, you give access to products, services or information after closing your store or office, and also when you are on vacation.

    You need a PILOT

    Effective marketing is multi-faceted marketing. Positioning, AdWords, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing - there are many ways and we can tailor them to any business. However, all actions will be of little use if there is no base in the form of a website to which all these tools are to direct the user. It's a bit like buying a helicopter, but not having the pilot's license to fly it. So in order for the helicopter to fulfill its task and reach its destination, we have to connect many important elements together, and put someone at the controls who has the appropriate skills.

    You save TIME

    Time is money. So having a website will save you both in the short and long term. By providing customers with information about your products and services, e.g. by means of graphics, films, e-books or banners, you avoid time-consuming replying to e-mails or phone calls. You will achieve a similar effect with the help of the FAQ page, ie a set of answers to "frequently asked questions". A well-designed website will also automate some of your and your employees' work, such as answering questions in chat, arranging online visits, downloading documents or making payments.


    Having a website allows you to connect advanced analytical tools, and thus - to observe the behavior of all those who enter it. Analytics codes identify website customers and record their every step, so you can find out what they most like to click, how much time they spent in a given tab, what devices they use and how many of them ultimately convert, e.g. in the form of a phone, registration, purchase or email. This is extremely valuable information, thanks to which the advertising campaigns created have a chance to reach those users you care about.

    A certain INVESTMENT

    Having a website is a really good investment that shows a real return over time. In the case of our clients, most of them declared that the website returned after the first 6 months! Although the cost of designing, building and "arming" it with the necessary functions or applications differs depending on the complexity and functionality, having a professional website will always have a positive impact on your results. In the long run, a relatively small investment in its creation will bring profits, attracting new customers, building awareness and trust in the brand.

    Your website can take various forms depending on the needs and nature of your business

    The perfect solution for small companies that want to present their offer on the Internet. A company listing contains some of the usually key tabs, such as Home, Offer, About and Contact, as well as links to social media and a map with directions.

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    A more extensive website with many tabs and a CMS panel. The company website has the most frequently developed Menu with subpages, Slider, Newsletter, News or a place with documents to download. It is a solution for companies that have an extensive offer or want to provide many details about their activities, products or services.

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    An online sales system with a CMS content management panel, products, prices, as well as entire orders and their shipping and handling. A well-designed online store is integrated with courier companies, online payments, warehouse and accounting systems.

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    A multi-site and advanced website with a CMS content management system, a multi-level menu, Search engine, Blog, Newsletter, Statistics, advertising modules, user login, surveys, forms and integration with external systems.

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    Product and sales page, often prepared for advertising campaigns, e.g. AdWords. It consists of one scrolling page with information about a promotional campaign, an application form or, for example, a "buy now" button. Various modules can be attached to the landing page, e.g. for online payments.

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    Fully personalized designs based on the ideology of "less is more", i.e. maximum possibilities in a minimalist setting

    Created on the basis of the latest technologies, thanks to which they stand out from other websites not only with their design, but also with functionalities

    Intuitive navigation, clear content, well-placed content and buttons guarantee customers quick access to information and a short, convenient shopping path

    Colors, fonts, legible graphics or high-quality photos are as important to us as the technical aspects, which is why we adjust them to the nature of your business and combine them with functionalities.

    There is no question of graphics that do not fit on the screen of the phone or tablet. We place great emphasis on adapting websites to mobile devices

    Our websites have simple and functional systems for managing the website content and its content, thanks to which you can make simple changes to it yourself

    3 GOLDEN principles of our cooperation


    You decide

    But only when you want it. We do not roll our eyes when customers call us with suggestions, ideas or corrections. After all, we are working for you, and our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and success. We take this rule seriously, so if you want - we cooperate and sit together until midnight on Friday to choose the font, and if you do not have time or head for it - we'll take care of everything from start to finish.


    You get something unique

    Do not let the word "copy" in the services offered deceive you. Copying is for the weak and in our team even coffee cannot be weak. We have specialists on board with a specific portfolio who cooperate with each other on each order. Design, Marketing and Software sit "desk to desk" for a reason. Each department creates unique and unconventional projects for you, so that your website stands out from others and is remembered.


    We take full responsibility

    Note, it is not obvious to everyone. We answer calls after the order has been placed and the invoice has been paid. We help, advise and improve, if you want to change or improve something. As our client, you also receive a dedicated "Service Desk" panel, where you can report faults or failures 24/7. We will also train you in the use of the Editing Panel of your website, so that you can make quick changes yourself and we will help you whenever something goes wrong. There are no fires that we would not put out! Even when "something did itself."

    Website created from scratch or "ready"?

    Despite slightly higher investment costs, we recommend websites designed from scratch, i.e. websites that will be perfectly suited to the needs of your business, with all the necessary functionalities. How does it look in practice?

    Here the ideas turn into a graphic prototype that tells us whether all the agreed functionalities of the website or store will be included in the project. At this stage, we verify that what we have created is what you expect.

    Still not sure? Then we will ask about one more thing. If you were to climb K2, would you choose decent and suitable for all weather conditions high-end shoes or a "first-class" chain shoe?

    If you were to climb K2, would you choose decent and suitable for all weather conditions high-end shoes or a "first-class" chain shoe?

    By working with us, you gain

    12-month warranty for the work performed

    Professionally prepared project with mock-ups and prototypes

    Unique graphic design in the ideology of less is more

    Optimized path of conversion and user behavior

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Marketing consultation at the stage of graphic prototyping

    Dedicated Service Desk panel for quick reporting of faults

    The possibility of independent editing of the page by an intuitive editor

    Specialized script optimization resulting in fast loading website elements (Progressive Web Design)

    Project properly prepared for activities marketing Google Ads / Social Media / SEO

    Possibility to start work from scratch (from the birth of the brand) to its promotion

    Professional project resulting from active cooperation between departments Design, Marketing and Software


    Page loading speed

    Responsive across devices

    Functional mega menu

    Ease of Movement and Intuitiveness

    Highlighting key service values

    Transparency of content