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with newsletters

Each visit to the mailbox is a chance for your business to reach the ideal target group - after all, everyone who left their address in the "newsletter" field had a purpose! And from that moment on, there is a really short way to achieving your business goal.

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    Did you know that out of 4 e-mails that a company sends to its customers, only 1 will be opened? Although it might seem that statistics do not work in favor of this tool, the newsletter actually has enormous potential that should be properly extracted and used. It is a difficult art, but definitely worth the sacrifice. Why? First of all, because e-mail is used by most of us, and many even looks into the mailbox several times a day.

    Why is it worth it?

    Why is it worth it?


    Brand reminder

    In times of "quick likes", it is easy to get lost in brands that we have noticed or liked before. The newsletter is the perfect tool to remind yourself and provide information from the life of the company that may be relevant to our recipients.

    An impression of exclusivity

    The newsletter is also a great place to give the user something special - a discount, a secret rebate code, information about pre-sale or an e-book. It is also a great encouragement to engage in interaction, which at the same time gives the client the feeling of being distinguished.

    Building the image of an expert

    In the newsletter, you can share tips or industry curiosities, thanks to which the chances that the recipients will treat your company as an expert increases significantly.

    Extending your reach

    You can send one newsletter to an almost unlimited number of people, thanks to which you can reach a wide audience with little effort and financial resources.

    Extending the database

    By launching the newsletter, you can also expand your customer information base. You will learn what they are more likely to click on, what content to avoid, or what type of communication translated into conversion.

    Hitting the circle of interested people

    Most of the people who signed up for the newsletter did so for a specific reason. Some count on a subscription discount, others want to be up to date with the company's events, and still others are looking for typically industry information. Whatever the reason it is, there is always an opportunity for interaction that sin does not take advantage of.

    We know how to control the settings to get the highest rate of opened messages, e.g. by putting a request to take action (CTA) in the right place.

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    We create engaging content with an interesting copy and aesthetic graphics, so that the user is not bored or discouraged by the content sent.

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    The e-mail with the newsletter must be displayed correctly on all mobile devices.

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    We know how to protect user data and explain why they are recipients of your message and how they can opt out of it. Fair play always pays off.

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