The plan is simple - we will equip you with the right tools, and you gain new customers. Well-optimized marketing activities are one of the most important pillars of increasing the company's profits.

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Can you finish "Saturday is just ..."? Or are you humming a characteristic melody in your mind while reading these few words? Have you ever wondered why you are more likely to shop in one store, despite the fact that three others have a similar range? And finally - how often (and if at all) do you click on second- or third-party links on Google?

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    We ask because we want to show you that our purchasing choices are not entirely ... dependent on us, but are shaped by advertising. And the main task of advertising is to convince you that you need it THIS product, which will make you feel better, more attractive, healthier or bolder. Good advertising does not promise the impossible.

    Good advertising creates visions, creates a specific image, acting on emotions and imagination. We do it here too! Because advertising is nothing wrong - after all, we want to prove to you that you will be much better with us than with the competition because we have something that others don't have (That's true). After reading this, in a few days you will see our company's sponsored post on social media and say "from somewhere them associate". In the next few days, we will appear in the first three Google results and then you will decide that you want to cooperate with us. Because we "flashed" you on the Internet, you heard "somewhere" about us, you read about us and you have the impression that we already know each other.

    Your successful ad will be based on:


    Google Ads

    Thanks to advertising on Google, your company will be wherever its customers are looking for. Your ad will appear as soon as a user searches for products or services similar to yours. Thanks to Google Ads, you will increase the number of visits to your website, get more phone calls and stationary visits to your store, showroom or office.


    Social Ads (Facebook/Instagram Ads)

    Social media advertising is now almost a necessity - most of those who use the internet use applications such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tiktok just as often. Advertising in social media will help you discreetly weave sponsored materials in the content that your potential customers are browsing.


    Natural SEO

    The purpose of SEO positioning is to increase the visibility of your website in organic search results. Why is it so important? 88 percent clicks on the page which is in the "top five" results in the search engine. users. The increase in the visibility of the website also affects its authenticity in the eyes of potential customers.


    Internet analytics Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, HotJar, Facebook Pixel

    In this case, "the more you know, the better you sleep", because the more you know about your clients, the more effective your actions are. Such data is much more than just dry numbers - thanks to them you will increase the conversion rate, optimize your store more effectively and distribute the advertising budget more effectively.


    The use of sales funnels

    A sales funnel is nothing more than a process that users go through from the moment they are interested in a product to buy it. Thanks to it, we can analyze the various stages of sales, the actions taken in them and monitor their effectiveness


    Professional copywriting

    Content marketing allows you to create a story or story about a brand that makes it stand out from the competition. A good copy engages the recipient of the content, builds a bond with them and builds loyalty to the company.


    Email campaigns

    While you rarely do this, there are advertising emails that you open. Usually you find a short information there, a discount code or an invitation to an action that may interest you, right? That's what email marketing is all about. We reach the appropriate target groups, i.e. potential customers, with your offer.

    Imagine you are starting a bakery and there is a Bread Festival in the city. Most of the people who will take part in this event are people related to baking in some way, so they will be potential customers of your new bakery. All these people are just the perfect target group, exactly what your company needs. We will design activities that will not only help you reach them, but also build relationships with them. And when you focus on relationships, we will gain new customers for you.

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    When queues start to line up at your bakery, random passers-by will recognize that your baked goods must be unique and will stand there on their own. In addition, word of mouth from neighbor to neighbor and after some time the traffic will start to propel itself. It works similarly on the Internet - thanks to appropriate positioning, advertising and SEO optimization, both customers and "random passers-by" will reach your website, who will eventually also become customers of your company.

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    If you haven't used internet marketing before, throwing money into a mysterious and invisible machine might seem like quackery. We will show you the most advantageous tools and adjust financial thresholds so that your marketing expenses are properly optimized for specific activities, as well as return on real sales.

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    You no longer have to think about how to reach new customers or how to prepare an interesting promotional campaign. Planning, analyzing and implementing is our job so that you can take care of product development or business relationships with partners.

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    Even the best business concepts collapsed when they stopped developing. Flexibility, openness to changes and quick reactions to market dynamics are almost a guarantee of success in every industry. A website is the basis of a growing business, as well as a platform that should keep up with changes in your company.

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