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Do you have your website and you are looking for someone to take care of it or improve its operation? Or maybe you just don't want to use the services of the company you have worked with so far? Anyway - you've come to the right place, it's nice to have you with us.

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    Normally, we would treat you to our branded Fudge and coffee, but at the moment the Internet does not give us such an opportunity, which we often regret. Back to the topic. We often find clients who are not satisfied with the cooperation with existing companies that support them in the field of IT.

    Most often, "break-ups" result from poor contact with the people who carry out the project, frequent website or mail failures, long waiting for defects to be repaired, or non-compliance of the final effect with the contract or the client's expectations. It also happens that there is simply "no chemistry" between companies and teams and the cooperation is unpleasant. It may also be that you already have a website, but you have no idea how to use it, how to connect your e-mail or billing program to it, or maybe your business is growing and you need more space on the server.

    What can we do for you?



    Monthly subscription for programming services is the most frequently chosen method of cooperation by our clients. Thanks to such a service, we get to know your business in detail, thanks to which we can quickly react to any defects or failures. The package includes:
    - technical assistance in the event of a breakdown,
    - technical emergency, also in WordPress,
    – kryzysową pomoc internetową,
    - website repair,
    - IT support,
    - developer services.


    We manage

    Clients still complaining that your e-mails end up in spam? Or maybe you don't know how to set up an e-mail account for a new employee? You don't have to waste time searching through the settings - we'll take care of all of that. Our services in the above scope include:
    - e-mail management,
    - creating and administering company mailboxes,
    - e-mail address assigned to the domain,
    - assistance in the event of faults.


    We manage

    In the case of hosting, the most important thing is the stable operation of servers, which means that their work should be 24/7, efficient and functional. After all, this is where we store the most important data from e-mail, website, store or application. Thanks to a modern domain management center, we can offer:
    - managing multiple domains,
    - migration of the domains,
    - generating AuthInfo codes,
    - DNS configuration,
    - configuration of e-mail addresses and MX records.


    we install

    Data protection on the Internet is an extremely important topic, which also covers the exchange of information between the website and the server. Protection against unauthorized reading of personal data, passwords, account numbers or credit cards is the responsibility of the website owner, so we will help you:
    - install the appropriate SSL certificates,
    - extend SSL,
    - encrypt the website.