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We efficiently combine functionality with design, focusing on modern and reliable e-commerce solutions, thanks to which your customers will more willingly choose your store from the competition.

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So what affects whether we click "buy" in one store and not another? First of all, the emotions that accompany us when visiting a given website.

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    Year by year, online shopping was gaining in importance, attracting more and more skeptical consumers. However, it caused a real revolution the coronavirus pandemic that has almost completely made our lives online. Even the most die-hard "traditional" customers have been forced to - though try - shop online. As you know, once you taste the thrill when the courier calls the intercom, he rarely gives up on these incoming endorphins.

    Just because, there is no better time to start an online store than today! Online purchases can be made not only by young people, but also by their uncles and grandparents. You can and must use it! Remember, however, that still increasing Customers conciousness makes it possible for them to choose from thousands of offers in the midst of enormous competition, and the price is not the only factor in purchasing.!

    How we do that?


    we stand

    More specifically between the seller and the customer and their needs. We are up to date with the ever-changing e-commerce trends, which is why we are able to choose the right solutions to the expectations, possibilities, but most of all the needs of a given industry and its products.


    we care about

    User Experience is a typical IT industry slogan, but for us it has a much broader meaning. We constantly research the level of satisfaction of users of a given store, analyze their movements and activities, thanks to which we can introduce effective optimizations that directly affect the financial results of the store. We take care of SEO, UX positioning, conversion, data analysis from Google Analytics and store performance.


    we design

    We know what an online store that encourages you to buy should look like. We attach great importance to functionality, intuitiveness and simplicity, because in our opinion less is more! Is there anything worse than attacking cookie notifications, pop-ups encouraging you to subscribe to the newsletter, advertising "with escaping X" before the offer even appears? We design in such a way that the maximum possibilities are contained in a minimalist and practical design.


    we can

    Although we can lure you with the latest solutions and tools, we know that in the end, profit matters. Your profit. Therefore, we prepare stores in such a way as to use your resources as efficiently as possible and thus ensure the highest possible return on investment in e-commerce. What's more, having your own online store, you don't pay (no small) commissions to platforms such as Allegro, Olx or Amazon. You can use these funds for good advertising, directing you to your store.


    we secure

    No associations - we mean only the backoffice of your store. We can connect the dots in such a way that you, as our customer, do not have to worry about the flow of data from the store to e.g. accounting or warehouse programs. We efficiently integrate external suppliers with external services.

    9 features of a professional online store

    9 features of a professional online store


    It is intuitive

    The customer has no problem finding the appropriate category or information. All website functionalities are simple and transparent for each user.

    It leads to successful sales

    A well-built online store has a range of tools to maintain customer interest, such as, for example, "saving the basket" or personalized notifications. The shopping path in such a store is short and simple.

    It has properly designed tabs and subpages

    Everything related to the product is prepared under social evidence of equity, i.e. in order to highlight the recommendations and positive opinions of others that may push the customer to buy.

    It positions itself well in search engines

    The store is prepared in such a way that the customer entering a specific word or phrase into the search engine finds its way to your store. The higher the store is positioned, the more customers enter it.

    It is prepared for Google Ads campaigns

    Google has a number of advertising tools that you can (and should!) Use. Thanks to a well-prepared platform, you can easily place sponsored links or advertising banners on other websites.

    It has proper CTA

    CTA is nothing more than a "call to action", that is everything that will encourage the customer to act. It can be, for example, a "buy" button placed in the right place or a notification about the end

    It monitors and analyzes data

    The analysis of user behavior on the website tells us a lot about their preferences, the attractiveness of our store or the most popular products in it. This data is extremely valuable in sales.

    It is integral with the exterior tools

    A professional online store can connect to many external programs (e.g. billing, accounting), reducing our commitment and ultimately saving our time. The integration of events and conversions in Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel is also equally important.

    It has smart design

    The online stores we design are not only aesthetic and functional, but also use psychological factors for maintaining attention, such as the use of appropriate colors and fonts, to make the customer's visit to the store more pleasant, and to draw his attention where it is important to you.

    Still not sure?
    Then we will ask about one more thing ...

    If you were to climb K2, would you choose decent and suitable for all weather conditions high-end shoes or a "first-class" chain shoe?

    By working with us, you gain

    12-month warranty for the work performed

    Professionally prepared project with mock-ups and prototypes

    Unique graphic design in the ideology of less is more

    Optimized path of conversion and user behavior

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Marketing consultation at the stage of graphic prototyping

    Dedicated Service Desk panel for quick reporting of faults

    The possibility of independent editing of the page by an intuitive editor

    Specialized script optimization resulting in fast loading website elements (Progressive Web Design)

    Project properly prepared for activities marketing Google Ads / Social Media / SEO

    Possibility to start work from scratch (from the birth of the brand) to its promotion

    Professional project resulting from active cooperation between departments Design, Marketing and Software


    Page loading speed

    Onepage checkout cart for instant sale

    An extensive product subpage, encouraging to buy

    Functional mega menu with a presentation of many subcategories

    Responsiveness of the store on all devices

    Display of the most important benefits of products and trusted brands