The internet is just like food - we buy mainly with our eyes. We create and design so as to attract the attention of your customers.

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Did you know that it takes about 7 seconds to decide whether you will stay on or leave a given website?

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    Although you don't consciously go into details at this time, your brain can already judge if you like site, or easy to move, and whether it inspires your trust. It is just like when you meet another person - then the first impression and the fractions of a second in which you decide about the further fate of the relationship also counts. So what can you do to make your website or online store look the best during the first meeting with the customer?

    The first rule is to change your perspective. We must remember that the site The first rule is a change of perspective should serve the users. We must remember that the site and we create it for them. It's like having guests at home - as hosts, we have to take care of a good atmosphere and take care of them so that they feel at home nice and comfortable. It is really worth fighting for the satisfaction of our "internet visitor", because a satisfied user enters the website, searches for a given information or product, and if the process goes smoothly, he starts to act! The more aesthetic, intuitive and user-friendly your website is, the greater the chance of a successful sales process.

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    Before we start work, we need to know the answers to some important questions, such as "What is the page about", "What is the recipient to find in it", "What function should it fulfill?", "What can be done through it?". Eventually, a user came to your site because they needed something - to find information, buy something, or get an answer to a specific question. If you make him search for a long time and tear through various subpages, he will certainly quickly click the cross to exit it. It is therefore extremely important to define the purpose and adapt the website to the function it is to perform. Just as important as its appearance - consistent branding elements, logos, and even the font and its color have a huge impact on how our company is perceived.