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    It is not for nothing that sales say that "An impatient customer is a lost customer". When we want to buy shoes, the Salesman's task is to take care of us - offer help, bring the right size or provide information about the price or promotion. In the case of online stores, it would be difficult to reproduce this pattern, especially since the traffic is there many times larger than in a stationary storeand what's more, customers make purchases around the clock, not only during the Customer's working hours.

    Our chatbots are designed to provide assistance to every customer, regardless of traffic in the store or the timeand even personalize messages, e.g. with the user's first name. Chatbot can help you find the right product in the store, provide information about, for example, the care of a given product or the rules of an ongoing promotion.

    Why is it worth it?

    Find out why you should befriend a Chatbot.

    Why is it worth it?


    Increase in sales

    Statistically from 50 to 90 percent. Messenger users interact with chatbots, which means that this percentage of people can become your customers with just one tool!

    Unlimited performance

    One chatbot can support an almost unlimited group of users. Its efficiency is therefore incomparably greater than that of people.

    Save time and money

    Chatbot can successfully replace the work of even a dozen or so people in your company, so when the client or client contacts the chatbot, your specialists can deal with other important tasks.

    Regardless of the industry

    Unlike other similar tools, chatbots do not require a lot of money or time. They can be successfully used in every industry - marketing, consulting, sales, IT, services, hospitality, HR and many others.

    Interaction with the user

    Chatbots are tools that ensure excellent interaction with users - they increase the time spent on a given page by maintaining conversation, provide information, answer questions and initiate contact. As a result, the user is cared for and more willing to buy or take advantage of the offer.

    Closing the sale

    Chatbot is also a great sales support tool - it is a convenience for all those who are not able to make a purchase decision on their own and need support.

    Fully automated

    Employees' productivity when performing the same tasks over and over again almost always declines over time. Chatbots automatically perform all tasks that require repeatability and speed.