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About The Client

The yappco cosmetics brand was created due to the combination of the amazing properties of these fruits and the possibility of using them in everyday use not only in food form, but also for use on the skin or hair. Like many other businesses, from the very beginning ideas about expansion in the internet market were very broad.



Below you will find a description of the biggest potential problems that we define as challenges in our company. We count on ambitious inquiries and constant raising of the bar.



After many years of working together and building a close-knit team, we realized that we need to have a common focus. Before starting each implementation, we determine exactly what goals we want to achieve.



What would hard work be without stopping for a moment and looking at the developed and unique solutions? ;) Below we will show some of the projects that we can boast of.

The biggest challenges

The adventure with the client began with the need to create a cosmetics brand name. From the beginning, expectations were very high. In the business strategy before the start appeared the largest and most popular companies distributing cosmetics such as Rossmann or Hebe.


A classic challenge faced by all our friends in the industry. Fair in the Emirates, documentation for the project for a lot of money and the opportunity to establish extensive cooperation with potential distributors. Creative design and the creation of visual identification is a process that is governed by its own laws and requires an appropriate amount of time.... and here you will have to wait for the prints.. ;)

Serious plans

When the excitement of the brainstorming session subsided, it was time to create a concrete plan. Coordinating the work of several teams is a big challenge, especially since we had to involve external companies for the final effect.

The first and basic step was to create a logo and a key visual, which will be able to be guided by subsequent teams taking care of communication from the very beginning. Both on the client side and for documentation or social media activity.

The second step is to determine the types of products that will be created in the first stage, since the target list assumed several dozen products in different packages and capacities. The sum of variants of target designs of labels and cartons exceeded several hundred pieces. We decided to choose the most important series to start with. Thanks to this, we were able to gain a little more time to refine them, introduce appropriate modifications and create a unique identification, the purpose of which was to rank the product in the premium segment.


The goals we set ourselves


Creating a unique logo that will give its elements the character of a brand based on Apple.


Designing dozens of packaging and label designs. To identify the best solution for fast, optical identification of products on the shelf.

Responsive web design

Designing a dedicated graphic garment, created in the lo-fi / hi-fi wireframe design process. Presentation of views in multiple resolutions and tablet and mobile versions.


Establishing permanent cooperation regarding the development and operation of the online store. Implementing new solutions and responding to the needs of the dynamically changing e-commerce market.

The project we created

Sample subpages

Responsiveness of the pages

The design of the online store has been prepared for use primarily on mobile devices. The analysis of competition and verification of the type of device that potential buyers can use was in this, as in many other cases, Zero-One-mobile must be perfected.

Applied elements on the page


  • Naming

    We conducted competition research with the help of such tools as e.g. Brand24 and Answer the public.

  • Branding

    Logo design and key visual were done in Adobe XD.

  • Packaging

    We used the full Adobe XD/PS/AI environment to create packaging and label designs.

  • Webdevelopment

    The store is programmed in PHP. WP/Woocommerce technology and clean Front-end code.

  • Brand

    The design of the logo with a visual key allowed for the implementation of further projects.

  • Packaging

    We have created packaging for 36 products in different capacity variants.

  • Labels

    We have created labels for 36 products in different capacity variants.

    In total, there are several hundred target projects.

  • Sklep

    The choice of Technology fell on Woocommerce, due to the large customer experience with this system. We programmed the prepared graphics mockups to be responsive for different types of devices.

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