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About The Client

Biolab shop is an online store offering peptides, SARMs, amino acids and creams with peptides of the highest quality. The offer of the store is addressed to retail and wholesale buyers of peptides who want to buy clinically tested preparations. The offer of the Biolab shop is very wide - you can buy many types of peptides in the store.

The glove we had to lift

This case concerns the implementation of a second e-commerce for this client. After several years of development of the company on the basic solution on Woo, it's time to transfer the accelerated machine to Prestashop.

Big traffic

Launching a new project on the same domain, in which dozens of people and ambassadors are involved in the old technology and sometimes processes hundreds of orders a day is the biggest challenge. The appropriate form of Team education on the client side, getting used to new functionalities and implementing most fields into new views and naming - that was something.

A number of processes

The size of the project and the scale of the processes to master, despite the high level of complexity, drove us very much to work. We felt very well prepared to carry out each task in accordance with the accepted rules in our company so that nothing would surprise us at any step. The total duration of the project took us more than half a year. It started as standard, that is, by collecting all the currently used functionalities. The next step was workshops on improving current solutions. Then talk about new needs and inspirations for the new layout. After a few weeks of analysis, our graphics studio was ready to work like an Avengers team to overcome the most difficult task 😉

During the mock-up of all views, validations, hovers, pop-ups and any side projects, our PM team conducted an analysis and ordered the preparation of educational materials in the form of video and the setting of the Prestashop development environment to begin the implementation of the customer team for the new e-commerce engine.

The goals we set ourselves

Design specification

Many projects can be implemented on the basis of a brief. In this case, among other things, advanced promotion rules or a dedicated panel for ambassadors required the creation of extensive documentation.

Educational materials

We could only gain the satisfaction of a customer taught to work on Woocommerce if we prepare him well for the change. We set up a recording of several hours of personalized video tutorials.

Niepowtarzalny design

Cel był "prosty". Znaleźć złoty środek pomiędzy wybranymi inspiracjami z Behance, wymaganiami klienta, elementami, który wymuszały również mechanizmy funkcjonalności.

Testy i wdrożenie

Testy środowiska, wydajnościowe, responsywności, obciążeniowe, UX oraz UI. Pod tym jednym zdaniem kryje się kilkadziesiąt godzin pracy. Wdrożenie w godzinach nocnych, aby zminimalizować utratę zysków.

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