What is Google Ads and how can it help you attract customers? 7 types of campaigns.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising system from Google. Thanks to this tool, you can show ads on Google search as well as on the advertising network, which covers over 3 million. pages on the Internet, your potential customers. The platform offers the opportunity to display to potential customers when they are looking for your company's services / products, by selecting appropriate keywords or by selecting interests and defining the target group, it allows you to display image ads to potential customers, which translates into specific measurable results. Google Ads is an indispensable channel in your company's internet marketing activities.

What marketing activities can be carried out in Google Ads?

In Google Ads, we distinguish: 

  • Search engine campaigns
  • Product campaigns
  • Ad Network Campaigns
  • Local campaigns
  • Campaigns at discover
  • Video campaigns
  • Campaigns promoting applications

Campaigns in the Google search engine.

Ads displayed in this campaign are text-based and appear in the first four search results. To set their display, we select keywords after which potential customers are looking for services / products of your company. These could be the names of the products or the problems they solve. We are able to match advertising messages directly to a given search, which translates into high effectiveness.

Product Campaigns (PLA). 

Shopping ads are extremely effective for online stores, because in the ad we can display a photo of the product, price, opinions with a description. This type of campaign is a direct sales support in your online store and the main campaign for this type of business.

Advertising network campaigns and discover.

Advertisements in this type of activity are characterized by a fully pictorial or pictorial-textual form. We reach users here on the basis of their interests or the pages they were on or the searches they made in the search engine. Display ads are displayed to users on sites such as interia, onet and other sites on the web. There are over 3 million pages on the Google advertising network. therefore the advertising opportunities are enormous and your business can definitely benefit from it.

Local campaigns

A type of advertising aimed at companies with many physical locations and companies operating strictly locally. That is why Google has launched a new type of advertising that shows your company, among others, in the place for Google business cards, maps, thanks to which your company can show up to customers exactly when they need your services or products.

Video campaigns

Video-based ads on YouTube and the ad network. Thanks to video ads, you will increase awareness of your brand, show products, overcome your objections, and build a target group to which we will be able to target more specific ads, depending on the interaction they have made with the video ad.

Campaigns promoting applications

Campaigns targeted at app owners. Ads thanks to which you will promote your app among its potential users.

Who is Google Ads for?

Google Ads is a very good solution for service companies and e-commerce. 

If you are the company's boss or marketing director, e-commerce specialist, we recommend that you consider the company's presence in Google Ads, we have listed the benefits of using this advertising channel for you below.

What are the benefits of Google Ads advertising?

1. Your ads are displayed to people who are looking for your services / products in the search engine or were interested in them. Let's face it, Google tracks all our internet activity, thanks to which it knows who is interested in what. It is not convenient or comfortable for us, we know, but thanks to this, your company can reach potential customers who have already shown interest. 
2. The most important benefit is full measurability. Thanks to this, we are able to make data-based decisions together with you as a customer and suggest appropriate changes or modifications. With the help of Google Ads and complementary programs, we can measure: impressions, clicks, ad relevance, conversions (actions that users perform, which are valuable for business). 
3. Adjusting your goals to the specific needs of your business. Want potential customers to buy products, submit forms, or view blog articles and subscribe to your newsletter? No problem! Google Ads, thanks to the installation of special tags that track your potential customers. Based on this, the system will be able to make better decisions about displaying your ads.

To sum up

Ads offered by Google will be a great Internet marketing tool, thanks to which you will develop the potential of your company by reaching new customers.