Do you need an SSL certificate? 5 reasons why you should have it.

Why do you need to remember to implement an SSL certificate on your website?

An SSL certificate is a key element of any website. Statistically, we spend in web approx 6 hours and 43 minutes.In Poland, according to the data published in January 2020the number of internet users reached 28,1 MILION. We shop online, communicate with friends, book and buy cinema tickets. We constantly exchange data with websites we access for various purposes.

Potentially, every visitor to your website may become your client. How soon it becomes depends on how secure your website is.

What is an SSL certificate?

In order not to repeat in simple words what can be found on the Internet, you can say it like this: An SSL certificate is a piece of code or a digital scriptwhich contains data about the website owner, confirms credibility of data placed on the website and encrypts the data exchanged with the website e.g. those entered in contact forms or for orders in online stores. The SSL certificate is that padlock next to the website address. The issuer of the SSL certificate guarantees coverage of damages related to hacker attacks up to several hundred thousand EURO.

Can someone steal my data?

YES! Our data is very valuable to criminals.

When using the Internet, we are constantly exposed to hacker attacks aimed at extorting our data. If you want them to be safe do not use public networks while logging into electronic banking. Don't post your data on sites that are not secured with an SSL certificate. Do not install software from an untrustworthy source. The data that you can share can be used by the criminal for various types of extortion and theft. It may very quickly turn out that our account has been wiped or that the data has been used for fraudulent purposes.

Should I implement an SSL certificate on my website?

In fact, this is a rhetorical question, because it is obvious that we want to ensure the security of transactions and data exchange with our clients. Therefore, such a certificate should be on every page you have. If you don't want your customers to go to the competition, because there is no green padlock next to your website address, then you shouldn't hesitate any longer. Because a lost customer means no order, and no order is of course… no $$$. Better not to lose customers and let them go to the competition. They should stay with you.

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What certificates are available on the market?

The most popular certificate that many website users use is DV Certificate (Domain Validated) due to its fairly simple release mode. Next is OV (Organization Validation), which is already with higher authentication standard. EV Certificate (Extended Validation), most often chosen by banks, financial institutions and other organizations that care about a high level of security and the best authentication. The most often chosen to protect domains with subdomains are Wildcard Certificates. If you have several domains, you can secure them with a Multi-Domain Certificateand you can secure multiple domains with subdomains with a Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate.

There are also free Open SSLon the market, but there are very few of them and they do not guarantee compensation in the event of hacking on the website that I mentioned earlier. You also need to update yourself, which can be problematic and time consuming.

Is SSL worth implementing and how much does it cost?

The SSL certificate is used in particular for protection of passwords, personal data and credit card numbers.  It is definitely worth implementing and making sure that it does not expire. Here are 5 reasons why you should implement it:

You gain trust among website visitors (Green padlock - encryption sign)
Accelerated website performance.
Confirmation of website authenticity.
Protection of your users.
Higher position in Google search results.

The investment in a functioning certificate begins from a dozen to several hundred zlotys per year.. In relation to the benefits of the implementation and how many orders you can lose without implementing the certificate, it is really WORTH having it.

If your website somehow does not have a certificate implemented yet or you just need to buy it for another year, please contact us. We will help you choose, implement and remind you about the ending SSL certificate.